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Flaunt your beautiful, youthful face with our facial treatments and Natura Bissé products. Visible results after just one session!

Here are our most exclusive treatments.


Diamond Cocoon

Diamond Cocoon Experience is a treatment that will have you ready to walk the red carpet. A facial created to reverse the effects of pollution and stress. It nourishes and repairs the skin to give it back all of its power and leaving it glowing with life.

Diamond Cocoon Experience leaves you with deeply clean and purified skin which is visibly smoother and more luminous. If you want movie-star skin come to our salon and enjoy this extraordinary experience.


Binary premium 

The community of medical-cosmetic professionals has carried out studies and has been able to conclude that in order to provide the most popular facial and body treatments effectively you have to make use of several components which complement and strengthen the effects of each other.

Discover the revolutionary Binary Method Five techniques in one device which, when combined, compliment and strengthen the effects of each other.

Binary Facial Treatment.

  • Dermal revitalisation.
  • Improves the appearance of under eye bags, décolletage and double chin.
  • Re-balances and improves muscle tone.
  • Improves rosacea and couperose.

Inhibit Face-Lift

An instant and powerful re-firming effect combined with exceptional hydration.

Inhibit Face-Lift is a treatment for perfection that provides eternal splendour and vitality. It combines deep exfoliation with an activating massage using our Activating Facial Brush. This preps the skin for the highly-concentrated anti-wrinkle serum and the repairing and hydrating mask which contains hyaluronic acid for a filling effect.

Regeneration, Firmness and Luminosity.


Diamond life infusion ritual


We call it our ‘Youth Elixir’.

A luxurious cleaning treatment inspired by Asian techniques that includes triple exfoliation with carboxytherapy.

From the Chromo-rejuvenating Mask, an LED mask that emits three types of light waves, to the relaxing ayurvedic massage called Shirodhara Diamond. Then, to finish, the exclusive nourishing mask with gold and pearls.

An amazing rejuvenation with luminous and revitalised skin.





The Detox Cure

A detoxing spa experience that deeply cleanses skin and stimulates circulation.

A repairing treatment which restores, purifies and hydrates. Thanks to its meticulous extraction process, detoxifying massage and micro-stimulating hydration mask, pores open up, are treated with care and finally close, are purified and are softened with refreshing botanical extracts.

A comprehensive cure for your skin.



In this treatment we combine Natura Bissé’s advances in technological innovation with your skin’s in-depth needs: constant renovation, deep cleansing, detoxing and rejuvenation.

The Carboxi-Express treatment triple exfoliates to effectively eliminate dead skin cells whilst gently activating the skin’s natural cell renovation system.

It incorporates one of the latest trends in cosmetic medicine, carboxytherapy. A technique that uses CO2to combat the signs of aging.



Is a powerful and stimulating treatment.

A unique combination of three types of collagen that work on different layers of the skin. Designed to increase firmness, enhance facial structure, improve elasticity and increase hydration.

You will see an amazing improvement in the level of your skin’s hydration thanks to a new youth-enhancing collagen.



The master plan for the neck and neckline, with a fine musculature and very fragile skin, the neck and neckline area is especially vulnerable to aging, with this ritual we manage to specifically transform neck and neckline, obtaining a result of a more luminous, firm, smooth, flexible skin, a more defined contour, while unifying skin tone, minimizing spots and blurring the lines of neck and neckline.




Treatments for Her

Diamond Experience Life Infusion 90mins | Regenerates, Firms and Rejuvenates | 125€

Diamond Life Iluminador 60mins | Nourishes, Illuminates and Unifies | 75€

Diamond Cocoon Experience 60mins | Fortifies, Oxygenates and Protects | 99€ 

Binary Premium Facial 60mins | Revitalises, Improves and Restores | 60€  *check our vouchers

Inhibit Face-Lift 60mins | Filling and Lifting Facial Treatment | 110€

Inhibit V-NeckK 60’ | Regenerates, Firms and Rejuvenates | 70€

Inhibit Face & Neck-Lift 90’ |Regenerates, Firms and Rejuvenates | 140€

3D Collagen Shock 60mins | Firms, Tightens and Nourishes | 75€

La Cura Detox 70mins | Detoxifies, Restores and Hydrates | 60€ 

Citrus Vita Essence 60mins | Revitalises, Stimulates and Unifies | 65€

02 Relax 60mins | Purifies, Clarifies and Balances | 55€ 

Carboxi Express 30mins | Exfoliates, Oxygenates and Regenerates |40€

Instant Glow 10mins | Exfoliates and Illuminates |16€

Skin Confort 50mins | Calms, Smooths and Comforts |55€

Aqua Inmersion 50mins | Exfoliates, Hydrates and Nourishes | 50€

Treatments for Him

La Cura Detox 70mins | Detoxifies, Restores and Hydrates | 60€  

02 Relax 60mins | Purifies, Clarifies and Balances | 55€ 

Carboxi Express 30mins | Exfoliates, Oxygenates and Regenerates |40€

Aqua Inmersion 50mins | Exfoliates, Hydrates and Nourishes | 50€