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A unique experience for your hair

Kérastase Rituals

Enjoy a moment of unique and personalised relaxation whilst we make your hair look beautiful and take care of your scalp. Trust in our Kérastase advisors.


Made-to-Measure Rituals

Lightweight and intense treatments, high-concentration applications and regenerating serums are essential in caring for your hair and giving it a completely new look.

Scalp Rituals

Treats four main scalp problems: it eliminates dandruff, helps relieve scalp sensitivity, prevents hair loss and detoxifies oils on the scalp. Each problem is addressed in three steps. Includes regulated micro application of the Kérastase scalp treatment using the Micronizer to achieve a one of a kind performance. The combination of these precise, smooth movements and professional-grade products with application by the hands of one of our experts makes for a guaranteed healthy scalp and long-lasting results.

Exceptional Rituals

Holistic Rituals in which the senses give in to a unique experience whilst giving hair back its beauty.

Fusio-Dose Ritual

The Fusio-Dose ritual is the service with the highest level of customisation that Kérastase offers. With a total of 20 possible combinations, results are immediate, and it can treat the most common hair problems like dryness, damaged hair, thickness and lack of shine.



Made-to-Measure Rituals

  • Kerastase wash 3€
  • Express 10mins I  6€
  • Intense 20mins I 14€
  • Comprehensive 30mins I 30€

Nutrition Submersion Ritual

Strength Ritual

Colour Protection Ritual

Thickening Ritual

Volume Ritual

Taming Ritual

Curls Ritual


Scalp Rituals

  • Intense 20mins I 14€
  • Comprehensive 30mins I 30€

Dermo-Calming Ritual (Repairs an Irritated Scalp) 

Anti-Hair Loss Ritual (Prevents Hair Loss) 

Anti-Dandruff Ritual (Prevents Dandruff)

Purifying Ritual (For Oily Hair)


Exceptional Rituals

Chronologiste Ritual (Hair Restoration) 45mins | 45€
24 Karat Ritual (A Blend of 4 Oils) 25mins | 20€
Kera-Therapy Ritual (Restoration and Nutrition) 60mins | 35€
Thermo-Taming Ritual (Repairs, Tames and Combats Frizz) 50mins | 35€
Immunity Ritual (Deep Nourishment for Soft and Smooth Hair) 30mins | 30€
Botanic Halo Ritual (Channel Natural Luxury) 30mins | 18€
Extensioniste (Strengthens the Whole Length of your Hair and Repairs Hair Fibres) 30mins | 25€

Fusio-Dose Ritual

Concentré + Booster (Instantly Transforms Hair Fibres) 10mins | 14€