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Your beauty
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Personal Care

Let our team of professionals advise you and enjoy our wide range of treatments that bring out your beauty and leave you feeling pampered.


Hair Removal

Say goodbye to your hair! Flaunt perfect skin with not one trace of fuzz thanks to our traditional, painless wax which respects and cares for your skin.

We offer the necessary care for your skin whilst at all times advising you on the best treatment for your body.


Do you have an event, party or wedding to go to? Or do you just want to feel more beautiful?

Our team of professionals will see that you look perfect for any occasion. Enjoy better-quality, longer-lasting makeup.


Lashes and Brows

Not all eyebrows are equal. Their shape should be personalised, so they look the best for your face as well as being in the style you want.

Tint your lashes and brows so they are the same colour as your hair for a more natural look.


Manicure and Pedicure

Our team and the techniques we use will take care of your hands and feet, so they shine for longer giving you the beautiful look you desire.

Lash Lift

Flaunt your lashes thanks to an infinitely natural lash lift.




Hair Removal for Her

Upper Lip 4€
Chin 5
Underarms  7
Arms 12
Bikini Line 10€
Brazilian 15€
The Works 20
Full Legs 20€
Half Legs 12€

Hair Removal for Him

Back *from 15€
Chest 15€
Legs 20€
Arms  15€
Eyebrows *from 6€


Eyelash Tint 10€
Eyelash Perm and Tint 30€
Lash Lift 35€


Eyebrow Shaping 10€
Eyebrow Tint 6€
Eyebrow Retouch 6€


Express Makeup 18€
Party Makeup 30
Bridal Makeup Ask in Salon

Manicures for Her

Express Manicure 12€
Saunita Manicure 30mins | 18€
Traditional + Shellac Manicure 60mins | 25€
Russian + Shellac Manicure 60mins | 30€
Japanese Manicure 50mins | 20€
Hydro-nutrition Spa Manicure 60mins | 25€
Nail Art from* 2€

Manicures for Him

Saunita Manicure 40mins | 15€

Pedicures for Her

Normal Pedicure 60mins | 29€
Shellac Pedicure 70mins | 37€
Hydro-nutrition Spa Pedicure 70mins | 40€
Normal File and Polish | 14€
Shellac File and Polish | 20€

Pedicures for Him

Normal Pedicure 45mins | 27€
Spa Pedicure 60mins | 35€